Greenville Union Cemetery

200 West Street
Greenville, Ohio 45331
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Greenville Union Cemetery Facts

  • The original superintendent's office no longer exists. It stood for many decades at the deepest part of a now nearly indistinguishable driveway located at the south edge of section 8.
  • Memorial Day observances have been regularly held in Greenville Union in front of the mausoleum for many decades. For a period of time it was a custom to have a recitation of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

  • It was Frank McWhinney and his wife Martha who funded not only their stunningly handsome family monument in section 1, but also the massive main entrance archway and the union soldier monument in the veterans' section, no. 6.
  • This beautiful piece of art was dedicated on Memorial Day of 1908.
  • The cannon one sees in this section was dedicated in 1904 following the efforts of local congressman Harvey C. Garber. This was once an actively used naval piece.
  • There is a handful of private mausoleums scattered throughout the cemetery's original sections. Among those are Fred and Maude Coppock (section 24), Ward Hartzell (section 23) and one time local hardware wholesaler and retailer A.F. Koop (section 5).
  • If you happen to be searching for the final resting place of the only person ever legally hung in Darke County (convicted of the murder of his brother in law in 1880), look no further than section 8.
  • There are no less than six former United States congressmen interred in Greenville Union Cemetery, their years of elected service range from the 19th century into the 20th.
  • There once was a massive iron traffic gate flanked by two smaller pedestrian entrances and a fairly lengthy iron fence that stretched a hundred yards north of the gate. This was part of the McWhinney Archway gift. These gates were routinely closed every day at sundown, then reopened at dawn. During World War Two, all were donated to the important national scrap metal drive.
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