Greenville Union Cemetery

200 West Street
Greenville, Ohio 45331
Phone: (937) 548-3235
Fax: (937) 548-3235



Its greek revival architectural style seems to define a permanence and measure of tranquility, a style well chosen by the designer, Dr. J.P. Collette, a man whose local roots would also one day be echoed in a smaller but quite similar mausoleum in Versailles.

Work on the building was completed 1n 1912, nearly a century ago and just inside the bronze main entry doors and to the left appears on an engraved plaque reading "Promoted and built by Dr. J.P. Collett 1912-1913". It was the realization of his private dream. The good doctor felt that this sort of public final resting facility had its own future and so dedicated himself to their construction not only within Darke County but around the immediate Midwestern area.

There is a grand total op 468 individual crypts contained within the mausoleum with 367 of them in use, leaving a balance of 101, about 22 percent of that total empty.

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