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Veteran's Monument and Cannon


Still so very handsome and proud, the magnificent civil war grand army of the republic veteran likeness is the calling card of Greenville Union's section 6, known as the veterans' section.

Funding for its erection was graciously provided by local businessman-banker Frank Mcwhinney and his wife Martha. He was an officer veteran of that totally American conflict of the 1860's.

This is one in the same person who also gave necessary monies for the building of the cemetery's beautiful main entrance arch at the end of north Main Street. In addition to the stone arch, there was once a long cast iron fence stretching northward nearly to the mausoleum as well as huge and very heavy cast iron pedestrian and vehicle gates. These were eventually donated to the nation wide scrap metal drive during World War Two.

Mr. Mohinnen saw to it the Civil War gentleman, its base and inscriptions were completed in time for an official dedication program on Memorial Day of 1903.


The Cannon

Fitting directly in with the veterans' section theme and purpose is a silver-painted iron U.S. Navy weapon, mounted on its own stone base.

The letter-by-letter history of the cannon remains hidden, but research indicates it was dutifully obtained through the efforts of Greenville resident and U.S. Congressman Harvey C. Garber. A plaque on the base attests to this fact.

The cannon had its own dedication program on Memorial Day in 1904, exactly one year after that of the Civil War soldier monument a few yards to the north.

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